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The wearable technology revolution has arrived. People can now track daily fitness results, monitor their health, and capture stunning video footage practically anywhere, just by the tap of a button. Wildly popular products of the moment include pedometers, smart watches, activity trackers and action camcorders such as the GoPro.

What is Wearable Technology?

Wearable technology (can also be known as wearable gadgets) is a type of technology devices which can be worn by a consumer, often include tracking information to monitor things such as fitness, activity or sleep. Other than tracking details, wearable tech gadgets can include devices that have small motion sensors to take photos and sync with your other mobile devices.

The Wearables section is becoming an increasingly hot vertical, with major companies like Apple, Google and LG allotting more resources to develop Wearable technology. New inventions soon to reach the market such as Google Glass, Apple iWatch and the Samsung Simband are really ramping up the public interest in wearable technology.
An interesting recent stat from GlobalWebIndexthat says 71% of people aged 16 t0 24 want “wearabletech.” They define wearble tech in this instance as a smart watch, smart wristband or GoogleGlass.

Another stat from GlobalWebIndex states that 64% of global internet users have worn a piece of wearable tech already or are “keen to do so in the future.” Men, at 69%, are generally keener to do so than women, at 56%.

Products to Look Out For

The Dash Headphones
Good for Easy Listening (& Tracking!)

These wireless in-ear headphones not only play great quality sound and remove the frustration of tangled wires; they also track your heart rate, body temperature, speed, steps and calories burned during the day. They’re very discreet too, unlike other wearables such as Google Glass.

FitBit Zip
Great for Affordable Health & Fitness Monitoring

The Fitbit Zip is the perfect affordable monitoring device for a wearable tech beginner. The Zip is water resistant, tracks steps and calories burned, and easily syncs with PCs, smartphones and Fitbit’s powerful fitness analysis tools. With its sleek silicon design the FitBit Zip is a great starting point.


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