Enterprise Solutions for Business Outcomes

We enable our customers to advance their business outcomes through Augmented Reality enterprise solutions. The paradigm shifts from being technology driven to customer experience-driven.
The Appearition GreenSpot™ Framework keeps you in the driver’s seat, as we:

Work with you to create a User-Centred design framework to map the best digital engagement paths to reach your customers, employees and business partners to create Enterprise Solutions

Create value for your Enterprise by building greater engagement, within your organisation.

Guide you through any integration processes by bringing together the power of Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud deployment options, and diverse data streams at your own pace.

Help you innovate existing processes and workflows. We do this by applying cutting-edge technologies, like Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Internet of Things (IoT) to seamlessly engage with your customers, suppliers or employees.

Assist your enterprise to shift focus from data 

collection to data-driven decision making.


Simplify workflows and revolutionise remote field service management with FloAR.

This easy-to-use workflow process tool can assist your organisation to build effective process validation systems and streamline project and job scheduling.

FloAR combines AR/VR/MR and IoT with business management expertise to enable:

• remote monitoring and tracking of the progress of field service work
• accurate pinpointing of, and directions to, devices requiring maintenance
• easy integration of contextual guides and refresher videos for users
• online and offline capability and powerful reporting capacity.

Applicable to sectors such as telecommunications, utilities, manufacturing, automotive and logistics, FloAR can help improve efficiency, communication and productivity.

This easy-to-use workflow process tool can assist your organisation to build effective process validation systems and streamline project and job scheduling.




Create, share and experience immersive experiences with 8AR

8AR helps bring your stories to life. Cost-effective and straightforward to use, 8AR allows you to create your own AR/VR/MR experiences and share them with your customers.

Highly extensible and easily customised, 8AR enables you to:

• display additional contextual information about products
• connect a virtual experience to a physical or online store
• integrate with social media
• track and report on user behaviour and engagement.

Designed for the retail, print and publishing, branding and advertising sectors, 8AR can help enrich user engagement and enhance brand recognition.


Excite, engage and educate learners using EducARt.

EducARt enables educators to develop student-centred, immersive learning experiences using AR/VR/MR. With EducARt, educators can create situated and collaborative learning experiences that incorporate assessment tasks and enable personalised learning paths.

EducARt can also:

• provide real time updates about study related interactions on campus
• track user engagement and performance and generate reports
• provide content in multiple languages
• be integrated into a third-party Learning Management System (LMS).

EducARt provides educators in the education and training sectors with the potential to increase engagement and put students in the driver’s seat of their learning journey.


Proof of Concepts and Trials

Appearition’s proof of concept and trial service can enable your assumption, idea or concept to be tested without business disruption or high cost, and with minimum risk. We will help you ascertain:
How the solution fits into your existing environment
What the business benefit is
How your proof of concept or trial can be scaled efficiently for production readiness.

Bespoke Augmented and Virtual Reality Solutions

At Appearition, we enable our customers to develop innovative solutions and create engaging experiences using AR, VR and MR. From retail and communications, to infrastructure and telecommunications, to education and training, we can help you successfully integrate immersive technologies into your organisation.