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What is Beta Test?
A Beta Version in the tech jargon designates the first version of a product disclosed to a small number of people to test it and improve it quickly.  We’re selecting a group of motivated Unity Developers to beta test the product.

What’s in it for you?
Free education : You will test our top notch platform for free
Be the first & one of the few : We have big plans to change the future of work and would love to have you on board!
Start your journey in Enterprise Immersive Tech Development: Beta testing Appearition SDKs, you will start your journey to Industry 4.0 through our platform but ALSO embracing an entrepreneurial adventure.

What’s next?
We’ll formally open the application to participate in our beta test in a few days. We’ll then explain in more details what will be the programme and what will be expected from you.

We will be selecting applications in order to have diversified profiles.

    Thank you!