Meet Our Team


At Appearition, We Make
Innovation Matter

We are a diverse group of passionate, purpose led individuals who strive to bring positive impact to enable our customers success.

Our client portfolio now spans the globe and represents leading organisations across many different industries.

Meet Our Team

We are specialists in information technologies, and we apply our talent to creating innovative solutions for our client’s.

Vivek Aiyer
Founder / CEO
Bachelor of Engineering (Hons)/
Bachelor of Science
Raji Sivakumar
Co Founder , COO
Master of Management
Simon Galanakis
Head of Engineering
Bachelor of Science
Ricardo Zorondo
Chief Scientist
Bachelor of Science
Bertram Duerr
Commercial and Product Director
Master of Busines Administration
Mark Hillebrand
Senior Advisor
Bachelor of Business (Marketing)
Mask Group 18
Varun Adithiyan
Senior Immersive Developer
Bachelor of Engineering
Rod Smith
Sales Director
Bachelor of Science
Ravichandran. L
Senior Advisor, India
Governance and Compliance
Masters of Technology
Mohammad Shabanpour
Management Accountant
Master of Business Accounting and Law
Prosper Cumps-ruelle
Immersive Developer
Master of Animation, Games and Interactivity
Jhanette Co
Project Specialist
Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Didula Nanayakkara
Web Developer
Bachelor of Software Engineering
Charles Kong
Senior Research Engineer
Himanshu Gupta
Platform Engineer and Community Builder