Tech Leaders: Ethics Matter

Leaving no one behind on the journey of digital adoption should be the basis of ethics in technological leadership.

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The Critical Role of Immersive Technology in Experiential Marketing

Customers no longer purchase goods and services, they purchase experiences. Experiential marketing not only involves customer engagement, but also often...

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The ​Women in leadership dialogue

Women are still considered ‘diversity hires’ in a lot of organisations. What companies and industries need to look into is that they perform better...

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How will 5G and Edge Computing Enhance Virtual and Augmented Reality

5G is enhancing the AR/VR experience to a new high level. Both AR and VR provide a fully immersive experience. What is even more exciting is that the 5G...

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Why 5G networks will drive adoption of immersive technologies

The adoption of immersive technologies has been a quiet revolution that has already been set in motion. The 5G era would be a catalyst in a louder adoption...

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What’s the difference between WebAR and MobileAR?

If you’re looking for a long-term solution for your customers, Mobile AR is the better alternative for you, to provide customers with a better quality...

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