Engineer use augmented reality software in smart factory production line

How VR and AR are Driving the Future of Industrial Companies

The year 2020 and the current year have thrown many societal challenges. For better or worse, we have shifted onto the virtual world. With individuals...

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Augmented Reality for Retail and Marketing

Appearition is looking to recruit about 50 people to a closed, private group of beta testers to help in early builds of software for the EMS Enterprise...

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Decorating Apartment: Lovely Young Couple Use Digital Tablet with Augmented Reality Interior Design Software to Choose 3D Furniture for their Home. People Pick Sofa, Table and Lighting for Living Room

Ways AR and VR Are Transforming the Real Estate Sector

AR and VR are increasingly gaining impetus in almost every industry out there. These immersive technologies are transforming the manner in which businesses...

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5G network with high speed motion blur

20 Innovative 5G Use Cases

The fifth-generation of mobile networking technology, or 5G, is all about the high-speed internet and stable network. It has created a buzz in the telecom...

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The Role of Augmented Reality in Real Estate

Augmented Reality is known for its ability to connect the virtual and the real world, offering a seamless experience to the users. It has a profound impact...

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Meet the Women of Appearition

As women in the technology field we have often been asked plenty of questions of what we actually do and it’s not uncommon that others are shocked when we...

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