Meet the Women of Appearition

As women in the technology field we have often been asked plenty of questions of what we actually do and it’s not uncommon that others are shocked when we renounce that we work in technology. Statistics show that female representation working in the technology industry is only approximately 25%. 


Although this is the case we want to build awareness and encourage future generations to join the growing community of women in technology and continue to say that indeed, tech is cool!


Meet Raji and Brittney – the women of Appearition.

Raji Aiyer

Raji is Appearition’s Chief Operating Officer. She is an experienced emerging technology professional with an extensive background in leading financial and operational strategies to facilitate organisations’ ambitious growth plans. She is passionate about emerging technologies – how it shapes our future, the systemic changes that come with it and its impact on people.


Brittney Smith

As the newest addition to the team at Appearition, and joining during a worldwide pandemic has proven at times to be difficult but without the use of tech it would be near impossible. Learning and adapting as a teenager whilst the iPhone was released and the newest iPod was at the top of my Christmas list.


Meet the rest of our team:

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