How you can provide accessible remote assistance in real-time with Appearition’s AUXILIO

Remote assistance is becoming increasingly crucial in field services. It provides real-time collaboration between technicians and experts, allowing them to quickly share information, knowledge, and expertise to solve complex problems.

You can significantly improve the efficiency of field services by allowing remote experts to diagnose and troubleshoot issues remotely. This can save your team valuable time and reduce the need for unnecessary travel to the site.

With remote assistance, you can reduce costs associated with field services by minimizing travel expenses, reducing downtime, and improving first-time fix rates. You can also improve customer satisfaction by providing faster, more efficient service and reducing the time required to resolve issues.

The right remote assistance tool

Appearition’s AUXILIO is a remote assistance solution that allows video conferencing and interactive communication between a centrally located expert and a field service agent. With AUXILIO’s annotation tools, the expert can annotate and draw on the technician’s field of view to expedite the troubleshooting.

Easy access anytime, anywhere

AUXILIO is functional via standard browsers on laptops, personal computers, mobile phones, tablets, wearables, and other devices that support browsers. It does not require any app installation, making it more accessible to technicians. You can also integrate it easily with existing enterprise systems or applications your company or business already uses. 

Multiple applications

Aside from remote assistance, you can also use AUXILIO to train new field service technicians and related roles remotely. While this AR solution’s most common application would be in field services, utilities, and maintenance, AUXILIO can also be utilized in retail. Remote assistance can improve after-sales support by giving access to shop floor personnel and product experts whenever necessary. This aids in in-store communication. 

With Appearition’s AUXILIO, you can revolutionize remote assistance in field services for faster, more cost-effective solutions.

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