Frontier Technologies – saving lives

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) – the immersive technologies are healthcare’s fastest growing med-tech that are saving lives. From their early research to pilot(s) and beyond, they have become mainstream currently.

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The Augmented Reality Revolution in Healthcare and Aged Care

Of all the ways that augmented reality (AR) can change daily life, perhaps the most important is its potential in the field of healthcare and aged care. With advances in AR technology, everyone from healthcare professionals to patients and the everyday person on the street stands to benefit from better medical care. This will enhance medical knowledge and improve quality of life.

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Wearable technology to win

There has been speculation about whether wearable technology gave English Premier League (EPL) team Leicester City the edge it needed to win the Premier League last year. This is especially impressive, considering that the season prior, and the ten years before that, Leicester City was not even in the Premier League to begin with. They had been relegated to the lower divisions and were languishing there for some time.

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