The Critical Role of Immersive Technology in Experiential Marketing

Immersive tech in retail

The exponential growth in experiential marketing, marketing strategies that deeply engage or immerse customers within a product. The market has seen a shift from audience watching to audiences doing because consumers unquestionably desire experiences — and marketers now understand this. Customers no longer purchase goods and services, they purchase experiences. Experiential marketing not only involves customer engagement, but also often improves it in the process. The best way to do this is to employ technology that can enable this brand connection. And that is what we’re here to do!

So why is experiential marketing so crucial to retain customers?

Customers want to experience a real human connection with your brand that will allow for them to resonate with it. There is truly no better way for your business to form a human connection with your customers, than to immerse them in an exhilarating human experience. What immersive tech does is allow them to see first-hand how your brand elevates them, through memorable and unique experiences.

The link between Immersive tech and brand recognition

AR users often spend longer engaging with your brand due to the very nature of immersive experiences. This is the creation of memorable positive touchpoints. The more positive touchpoints you can have with your customers, or the longer they engage with each touchpoint while satisfied, the better. And if these touchpoints are connected and cohesive the more powerful and compelling they become. How come? Positive touchpoints such as through AR, VR or immersive solutions increases the exposure to your brand and promote brand recognition, recall and eventually leads to brand loyalty.

Encourages sharing and increases word of mouth!

The truth is employing engaging content and strategies matter because users won’t care about your post if they don’t find it interesting. When consumers experience enjoyable and memorable experiences, they are more naturally inclined to share them without much persuasion! Positive experiences and interactions with your brand encourage sharing as compared to other media and information. This allows you to increase word of mouth to reach new networks and customers. In fact, studies show 64% of marketing executives believe word of mouth is more effective than any other form of marketing.

The 3-step process

Marketers like yourself must create and execute strategy which will allow your clients to best interact and resonate with the brand.

  1. While it is true that experiential marketing is event-centric, it also requires meticulous planning and research. Brainstorm and undertake market research to understand innovative experiential marketing campaigns that will increase brand awareness and cater specifically to your segment to effectively create positive brand perception.
  2. Create or ask us to create live AR/VR solutions that best resonate and highlight your brand! These interactive campaigns help your businesses effectively connect with your target audiences. Marketers can gain some very insightful data and insights, such as audience engagement and usage patterns.
  3. Use appropriate analytics to track, analyse, and report on campaign performance and results. This step allows you to collect vital data about participating consumers which can then help you improve your strategy and repeat what worked! This step can be sometimes overlooked but it is key for successful future campaigns!
What others are doing

Businesses are already making significant headway in this area of marketing and attracting and retaining customers using AR and VR features in social apps, such as snapchat and Instagram, while others create custom apps.

Dominos AR Pizza Order on Snapchat

In a recent campaign, Dominos paired up with Snapchat to create a pizza filter where customers where able to create and order their own pizza. These filters are a type of AR marketing. This boosts engagement as compared to a standard pizza ordering, where consumers spend more time immersing themselves in the process of your brand. Through Snapchat, Dominos targeted the application’s 300 million monthly active users for people under 24. These filters are a type of augmented reality (AR) marketing.

The primary aim is to allow your audience to experience your brand in a tangible, valuable and memorable way. Ensure that your experiences reinforce your brand they also provide customers with value (ie. engaging/consuming from the convenience of their own homes, enjoyability, learning through a how-to).

IKEA: ‘Try Out New Furniture’ Campaign

IKEA’s AR app lets you see how furniture will look in your space before you buy. IKEA’s app allows their customers to ‘try out’ multiple pieces of furniture at once, so they can see how pieces suit their personal spaces and how they look together.

Overall, Reception of IKEA’s augmented reality marketing has been positive with an average of 4.7 out of 5 stars. Customers said they preferred the app to improve user experience over the previous website. Almost all customers enjoy engaging with a new product by using a 360-degree video because it helps create a more compelling messaging all together.

BVRIK Visualisation Solutions

At Appearition, we offer a similar solution called BVRIK where home builders, suppliers and real estate businesses can leverage off of the ability to bring your off-the-plan development to life and improve and provide 360° views to homes, furnishings through a Mobile app and VR headset. At Appearition we design solutions that drive value for your clients in the form of ease and convenience.

We work with businesses to design and deliver immersive technology solutions to give you the perfect platform to showcase your products in use. Customers coming into stores are thrilled by VR headset experiences due to its wow factor. Our solutions can be made compatible with mobile devices and headsets to make experiences multi-sensory. A full virtual reality headset offers a completely immersive experience.

We promise strong visuals and engaging interactions, both of which are crucial elements of a successful branding campaign. By incorporating immersive technology, go beyond traditional approaches and create experiences in which your customers are completely immersed.

Check out our other solutions here and get started now!

The future is here – create your own augmented reality experiences

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