Appearition ConnectSmart

Easily build AR/VR/XR applications on
AWS Wavelength with Appearition ConnectSmart

Democratizing AR/VR/XR technologies with Appearition ConnectSmart

The combination of 5G and Edge Cloud computing capabilities enable industrial innovation potentials and value for enterprise users by supporting ultra-low latency, reliability, extreme mobile broadband speed, at scale and capacity. The Appearition ConnectSmart solution makes it easy to build and deploy edge ready applications. This enables our customers to rapidly prototype a AR/VR concept, then be able to launch as a SAAS based product rapidly.

What is Appearition ConnectSmart?

The Appearition ConnectSmart allows for enterprises to build and scale immersive tech solutions using the power of Edge Computing with AWS Wavelength.

The power of the Appearition platform comes in when it is deployed at the Telco edge cloud to take advantage of the edge compute capability. Enterprise users can now develop AR/VR applications to take advantage of the edge compute capability. High intensity video and graphics processing and rendering that normally require CPU power from the user devices (headset mounted display) can now be delegated to the edge computing to do all the heavy lifting.

Benefits of Using Appearition ConnectSmart

Flexible and reusable components using open APIs for integration.

Secure low-code / no-code platform and tools that can be used to build customized immersive tech solutions faster

Deliver immersive experiences with ultra-low latency, more reliability, massive network capacity, increased availability, and a more uniform user experience to more users

The faster and easier way to new digital revenue streams

Exponentially reduced time from concept to final product of edge applications

Reduction in app development time by 35%