Visualisation of Risk Models

Consulting Firm uses Immersive Tech to Better Understand Risks

One of the Big Four’s Risk and Assurance teams engaged us to develop innovation for its customers. The firm’s Dynamic Risk Assessment unit (DRA) utilises complex data modelling to identify and present business risks for their client organisations. The model applies relevant risk factors along with advanced mathematical algorithms to predict the impact and interdependence of the risks on the overall business environment. A custom application was developed using Microsoft HoloLens, allowing for Interactive 3D visualisation of the risk models, to improve the speed with which these models could be understood.

Prior to AR Adoption

A template array of 2D graphs, documents and reports were used to communicate and visualise the outcomes of the risk assessment analysis, typically during customer meetings. Business leaders had to then swiftly absorb the implications of the risk analysis and derive the best causes of action.

Business Challenges AR Introduction Addresses

Given the complexity of the DRA model and the “contagion effect” of each risk factor, it is often challenging for business leaders to fully appreciate the implications and to derive the required recommendations.

Use Case with AR

Appearition worked closely with the consulting firm to help visualise the models using immersive Augmented Reality presented on Microsoft HoloLens. The goal was to enable users to fully appreciate the interactions of complex risk environments. Technical support and AR creative expertise services were provided to demonstrate the power of the DRA model and its suitability for commercial development.

Common Roles of Users

  • Business leaders of client organisations
  • Members of the Dynamic Risk Assessment team

Business Benefits

  • interactive 3D visualisation of the risk model made it faster for business leaders to understand the challenges posed to the business, and define appropriate courses of action for the various scenarios