End-to-end field service management

FloAR is a workflow process tool which combines Augmented Reality and business management expertise. This process allows large organisations to have fast and easy-to-use workflow tool incorporating task scheduling, inventory management and powerful reporting capacities. Online and offline capabilities allow workers in remote areas to complete their assigned tasks and upload data when they return to mobile data or WiFi coverage.

Benefits: Error reduction, streamlined operational procedures, customer enablement

Mobile AR, WebAR

Technology Stack Used:
Appearition Platform modules


Key Features

Simplify workflows and revolutionise remote field service management with FloAR. This easy-to-use workflow process tool can assist your organisation to build effective process validation systems and streamline project and job scheduling.

FloAR combines AR/VR/MR and IoT with business management expertise to enable:

• remote monitoring and tracking of the progress of field service work
• accurate pinpointing of, and directions to, devices requiring maintenance
• easy integration of contextual guides and refresher videos for users
• online and offline capability and powerful reporting capacity.

Applicable to sectors such as telecommunications, utilities, manufacturing, automotive and logistics, FloAR can help improve efficiency, communication and productivity.