ARtik - End to End Navigation SAAS Solution


ARtik is purpose built for museums, galleries and places of interest. It utilises wifi and or beacons along with visual scan technology to give your customers a rich and engaging experience. Based on a modular easy to use platform it is a scalable infrastructure that caters to small exhibits and large installations. Within a few clicks, you can create Augmented Reality Experiences for the audience, with existing or new content. Integrate configurable Motion Capture and 3D avatars
into your production to allow for self-guided interactive tours. Optimise the future of your Customer Experiences with both visual and location based experiences using a complete and integrated solution from Appearition.

The Appearition Platform enables you to easily and cost effectively create & manage their own Augmented Reality campaigns and projects, update or remove visual targets, points of interest and related Digital Experiences such as Video, Audio and 3D Models.