Ocular SIM

Immersive training

Deakin University Optometry Department within the Faculty of Medicine wanted to provide an app for its students to be able to visualise in 3D the eyeball and its constituent parts. The app needed to be compatible with a range of phone and tablets (both Android and IOS).

Students can get a 3D image on their phone or tablet. They can see labels of the component parts of the eye. They can rotate the views and zoom in and out of the model. Students can separate components of the eye (eg veins and arteries). As well as exploring the structure of the eye, students can learn through specific questions about the eye. This is a far superior way of learning than conventional 2-D drawings.

In addition the platform allows for assessment of students based on their answers to specific eye-related questions. This project won the Vice Chancellor’s award for innovation.

Benefits: Improved collaboration and increased training efficacy

Technologies: Mobile AR

Technology Stack Used: educART, the end-to-end SaaS solution for education/training powered by the Appearition Platform

Key Features

  • The Appearition Platform consumes and aggregates information and digital assets were sourced from existing business IT systems.
  • It allows for classification and categorisation of 3D and other digital assets.
  • This allowed for the customization of content with specific assessment questions and answers.
  • The solution includes role-based management of students and content creators.
  • It provides full reporting capabilities as well as learning and assessment results.

Ocular Sim

To view the works in AR download the OculAR SIM mobile App from the Google Play or App Store