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Congratulations to Max Breadmore of Year 10 at Caulfield Grammar School. He won third place in the Victorian division of the ICT Young Explorers Competition on Saturday 29 August 2015. For his project, he developed a “Wearable Computer”. Max also won the Student’s Choice Award on the day; his project was voted the most popular […]

Power in Questions … How May I Serve?

Isn’t it always easy to assume that when someone says something to us, we know exactly what he or she is saying? Other times we assume that, in fact, they know exactly what they are saying. Most times our assumptions although with the best of intentions are unfortunately incorrect. Quite often, in our business we […]

Top Tech Trends for 2015

Technology changes as quickly as the weather these days, and can be just as difficult to predict. Luckily Gartner are on hand to do the predicting. Earlier this month Gartner Analyst, David Cearley, presented their top technology trends for the coming year at the firm’s annual expo. Their list shows that the focus is on […]

3 Amazing Augmented Reality Ads

Augmented reality ads is fast-becoming one of the most popular advertising tools at a brand or agency’s disposal. With augmented reality proving to boost customer engagement and over 22% of the world’s population owning a smartphone, augmented reality is the perfect route for advertising to take. Augmented reality, by its definition, gives brands the opportunity […]

Augmented Reality – The 8th Mass Medium

We love this engaging and educational TEDx Talk by Tomi Ahonen that demonstrates some of the latest thinking and explains why augmented reality will literally change the way that we look at the world. Some of the facts and predictions might surprise you! Tomi Ahonen was rated the most influential expert in mobile by Forbes […]

Wearable Technology – Futuristic Fashion & Fun

The wearable technology revolution has arrived. People can now track daily fitness results, monitor their health, and capture stunning video footage practically anywhere, just by the tap of a button. Wildly popular products of the moment include pedometers, smart watches, activity trackers and action camcorders such as the GoPro. What is Wearable Technology? Wearable technology […]

The Internet of Things – Augmented Reality’s role

The digital world is moving increasingly into the physical and ideas, which at one time seemed futuristic and revolutionary are now possible. But with the benefits come new issues. Technology Growth Technology is a fast growing market, with many people now owning multiple Wi-Fi-enabled devices. 1 billion new smartphones were shipped in 2013[1], and there […]

Is Augmented Reality the future of education?

Augmented reality is here to stay and there are endless ways of incorporating AR into daily life. Over 20 years ago we would watch films like Robocop featuring futuristic head mounted display units, projecting superimposed graphics and text and think it was amazing. But interactivity isn’t just for Hollywood now. These days, real-world AR technology […]