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Packaging to win

Think about the last time you visited a supermarket and stood in front of the milk section. Which of the products stood out for you? Did you give it much thought? There isn’t much price differentiation when it comes to largely homogeneous product categories like milk, where prices tend to vary by cents, rather than […]

Blockchain: The Evolution of Exchange

The foundations of economics are built on the fact that humans have traded goods and services since the dawn of time. Trading of goods for consumption and services for functionality were the basis for this trade between humans and as time passed, between nations and organizations as well. As such, there was a need for […]

If it keeps on rainin, the levee’s gonna break.

It is common knowledge that as technology evolves, individuals are becoming more informed and driven to create content aligned to their passions. Think about the content you are seeing in your social feeds – your colleague’s oddball memes, Aunt Sue with puppy’s ears and your old school mate Trevor Lam and his latest “work of art” […]

AR – 3 common queries in pitch meetings

Augmented Reality – Confusing? Exciting? Expensive? For campaign managers, marketing managers, digital agencies and the like – what really is the opportunity presented by AR? Following are three of the most common questions that we have come across recently – and our responses in summary.   Doesn’t creating AR take a lot of time and […]

A Culture of Trust Series: Lego Serious Play

Seeing is believing – CX and Lego   Awkward conversations. We’ve all been in them – with loved ones, with baristas who misspell our names, sometimes with mysterious strangers at train stations. At times unavoidable and generally unpredictable, as humans, we grow to identify tell-tale signs of discomfort as it slithers around the corner unforgivingly […]

A Culture of Trust Series: Japan

A few weeks ago, we were offered a spot in the Victorian Government’s 2016 Technology Trade Mission to Japan. For us, this presented an opportunity to make the most of a guided tour of a market that we have long admired. We have also always aspired to engage with this culture of trust. To my […]