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AR and VR the next big thing in the industry

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are often believed to provide digital and off-field technology solutions. Generally, they are perceived as a tool for marketing, digital branding, audience engagement, education, retail promotion etc. AR and VR can be used in several sectors and context from manufacturing to fire and safety operations. Yes, AR and […]

AR, Digital Transformation and the Indian Market – An Exclusive Interview with Ravichandran Lakshminarayanan

Ravichandran Lakshminarayanan, Member, Board of Advisors, Appearition India speaks on Augmented Reality, Digital Transformation trends and the Indian market and more: Your take on the AR/VR market in India. Though AR/VR arrived, so to speak, may be about three years back, significant impact or adoption (usage) is yet to be seen, be it in the […]

Benefits of Immersive Technology in Education

In the past few years, many new types of technologies have emerged to help us embrace new ways to learn, view content and interact with it. By consequences, existing technologies and techniques are getting reviewed for their efficiency, reliability and cost. Some game changing innovations that can revolutionize learning and teaching are the three main […]

Shaping the role of educators with technology

  Digital transformation will impact job roles in future. Hence, it is important to shape the role of an educator. Market leaders predict that Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) will change the basics of how teachers teach. E-Learning Immersive technology will enter e-learning and classroom learning in near future, making teachers mentors first, says […]

AR/VR Magic in Education

AR/VR’s immense potential in the field of Education is picking up with several colleges inculcating it in their activities. A snapshot of how technology has added value to what they do: Iowa State University How does a player train at a centre on par to the field experience without having to visit one? That is […]

Strategic Technology Trend for 2018: Immersive Experience

A peek into some of the trends that Gartner has identified for 2018: Almost two decades since the millennium, the evolution of intelligent technology has reached a stage where Augmented and Virtual Reality has become accessible reality. AR/VR/MR boom AI is set to feature on all digital platforms, apps or device this year, a trend […]

Daigou Relationships

Daigou relationships have become very popular over the last few years. More and more Chinese natives are seeking to purchase high quality products from overseas to provide a better quality of life for them back home. With increasing news about food safety and tainted baby formula disaster of 2008, (x) many Chinese natives are left […]

Augmented World Expo 2017

Augmented World Expo 2017 was an amazing learning experience with some exciting talks on what the various realities (Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, X-Reality) hold in store for the generations to come. My experience at Augmented World Expo started with a long registration line that snaked its way inside and then outside the building […]

Intern Blog: How Augmented Reality can bring Hogwarts to Life

Written by: Navya The cold yet damp air wrapped around him like a heavy coat of chain mail as he transcended down the ageing hallways. The paintings, lining the walls, alive, uttering unintelligible words. Yet amongst the sea of voices, two words became prominent, echoing throughout the empty castle: “Harry…Harry Potter”. The stone-cold walls – […]

Intern series: How to land an internship in a tech company

Vivienne Zhu is a Commerce & Law student at Monash University currently interning with Appearition’s head office in Melbourne. How’d I get land my first internship? By telling Tushar about my lonely yet, solution oriented solo hike on the snow covered Bukhansan Mountain in Korea. This is only half true. My passion for marketing, previous […]

IndustryAR: Augmented Reality Military Training

For soldiers to be effective, training must resemble real world scenarios as closely as possible. Real life battle conditions are loud, chaotic and dangerous. However augmented reality military training is a safer way to engage soldiers in real life simulations.  There is the real possibility of death or injury and a soldier can easily be overwhelmed […]

IndustryAR: Augmented Reality Transport Improving Daily Life

Augmented reality transport has helped tourists navigate train lines, assist cyclists in urban traffic and improve logistics transportation optimization. However, there is still significant room to develop in this industry and it will do so over the coming years. Augmented reality on roads In the UK, there are similar developments with bicycle helmets. Through augmented reality transport, safety […]