Appearition Now Supports 5G Edge Powered by AWS Wavelength

Melbourne, Australia – February 7, 2022 – Appearition has announced that its ConnectSmart, a solution that makes it easy to build and deploy edge ready augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and extended reality (XR) applications is now powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). ConnectSmart uses AWS Wavelength to help provide the capability to develop and scale digital solutions utilizing edge computing on 5G networks.

A  headless, composable, application programming interface (API)-driven platform, Appearition enables enterprises to design and implement AR, VR, and XR applications without having to develop the backend architecture. It is device-agnostic, supporting all headset-mounted devices, or mobile devices using Web AR. The platform serves as a low code solution for the development of a variety of AR, VR, and XR applications across multiple industry verticals such as retail, education, connected workforce, tourism, and property development.

“5G networks, with their high bandwidth, speed, and low latency drive exciting new innovations and will be the catalysts of louder adoption of immersive technologies. Appearition is excited to leverage AWS Wavelength to help launch this exciting new solution that will enable enterprises and developers build digital solutions using edge technologies,” said Raji Sivakumar, Co-founder and Chief Operation Officer at Appearition.

Enterprises who are looking to create immersive experiences through AR, VR, or XR applications will now be able to do so faster, cost effectively, and at scale. ConnectSmart allows Appearition users to take full advantage of the platform’s edge computing capabilities. This can significantly reduce the resource demand on headset hardware and enable enterprises to rapidly prototype AR/VR/XR concepts with the ability to launch software-as-a-service (SaaS)-based products quickly.

High intensity video and graphics processes that would typically require a considerable amount of CPU power from user devices can now be delegated to edge computing to do all the heavy lifting. This removes the limits that many AR/VR/XR applications face by being restricted to the minimal resources a headset can offer.

ConnectSmart now allows applications to access more processing power and additional computational resources. This can help expand the capabilities of applications and remove any limits due to limited computing capabilities. It also improves and delivers consistent immersive experiences to end users, regardless of the type of devices.

About Appearition

Appearition is a robust AR/VR/XR application development software that allows users to develop and deploy in a low-code environment. The platform provides enterprise-grade solutions that ensure companies can create applications quickly and at scale. This low-code environment can save enterprises and individuals app development time. It also offers a flexible platform with open APIs to allow for simple integration with a variety of solutions.

The Appearition Team

Appearition consists of a global team of experts across a number of different fields and industries. The company has a dedicated in-house R&D team that operates out of Melbourne, Australia, and works closely with various leading research organizations globally.

Appearition is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, and has offices globally including in the US and India.

For more information, visit the Appearition ConnectSmart website.

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