6DoF Vs 3DoF Headsets – Which is Better?

The appearance of virtual reality or VR has redefined immersive experiences of users all over the world. Undoubtedly, video games have upscaled as the practice of utilizing VR in video games kept escalating. Whilst VR has a strong presence in the gaming industry, there are multiple industries that utilise VR technology and have since incorporated it into their operations. The question is, do you know what’s behind the astounding VR experience? Have you ever wondered how it becomes possible to create a virtual reality? 6DoF is a concept that has been developed into innovative technology designed to make the virtual experience even more realistic. If you are someone who is unaware of 6DoF and what it can do, this article will give you an insight into its technology and uses.

A concise introduction to the 6DoF technology

The term ‘6DoF’ is the abbreviation of 6 degrees of freedom. You may be wondering what that signifies. The DoF of an object defines the directions that the object can move into in a 3D space. Usually, the orientation of a user’s head gets detected by a 3DoF headset, but the headset is unable to detect the position. On the contrary, a 6DoF headset makes it possible to track down the orientation and position of the user’s head simultaneously. Hence, the experience becomes way more captivating.

The usage of the 3DoF headset has been dominating the world of games for a long time. A 3DoF headset is capable of tracking the user’s sight side-by-side, up-down, or when the user pivots his head upward or downward. On the other side, a 6DoF headset makes you feel like you’re in the reality. That becomes possible as the headset tracks down forward-backward, lateral-vertical, and up-down sights of the user.  As a result, you enjoy a better clarity in the outcome of the 6DoF headset. The experience of using a 6DoF headset can be described as living in a separate world amidst reality. Doesn’t that sound overwhelming?

6DoF headsets come with greater images with interactive features. Naturally, the prices of these headsets are also handsome and comparatively higher than regular DoF headsets.

While the 3DoF technology limits you to 3 specific directions while moving your head, 6DoF technology makes your head movement free. Therefore, your immersive experience becomes closer to reality.


Why would you prefer a 6DoF headset over a 3DoF headset?

You should always prefer the 6DoF technology among the two conventional categories of VR headsets. You may ask why do you need that? Be it playing a VR game or watching a high-quality video in VR mode, you can’t afford to compromise with your viewing experience. 3DoF headsets don’t let you rotate your head and that seems to be an unwanted restriction while you’re into a VR experience completely. In such a case, the 6DoF technology comes in handy as that allows you have a realistic and intense virtual experience.

6DoF technology can be considered as an upgraded version of 3DoF technology. We suggest you get a compact 6DoF headset to enhance your user experience.

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