Augmented Reality in Console Gaming – The Immersive Experience

There are constant speculations about the future of augmented reality – how and where can it be used? Many brands and businesses are beginning to utilise the technology to engage customers and increase sales. People are catching on to the fact that any company, irrespective of their size, can develop new augmented reality products to change the world as we see it today.

But where’s augmented reality’s place in a world that’s already very different… the realms of gaming

Immediately, it seems apparent that augmented reality and gaming are a perfect fit. Gamers want an immersive, engaging experience that augmented reality is well equipped to provide.
The first console game to feature AR technology was The Eye of Judgment for PS3 back in 2006. The game used the console’s PSEye camera to gather real-world images and read the coded information on small physical trading cards.

What will the future of gaming look like?

If you listen to EverQuest studio Sony Online Entertainment’s development director, virtual reality and augmented reality experiences are it.

“VR and AR are things that I personally am extremely excited about. I honestly think that’s the future of gaming,” David Georgeson told IGN.

Earlier this year Sony officially announced its virtual reality head-mounted display Project Morpheus, which features a 1080p display and a 90 degree field of view. So far details are limited but it is expected to be less expensive than Oculus Rift, and not due to be released in 2014.

Microsoft, makers of the Xbox, are also currently developing an unspecified VR/AR offering.

Aside from a few tech demos, Sony is yet to announce any games that will officially support Project Morpheus. However, Georgeson hinted that we could see Project Morpheus support for future SOE games down the road.

SOE is currently working on EverQuest Next and EverQuest Next Landmark.

Until then…

Until an immersive AR gaming experience arrives, there are gaming apps like DroidShooting to keep you busy. DroidShooting is a simple shooter game which lets you interact with your surroundings in real-time – a demonstration of possibilities for such a gameplay concept.


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