20 Innovative 5G Use Cases

The fifth-generation of mobile networking technology, or 5G, is all about the high-speed internet and stable network. It has created a buzz in the telecom industry in recent years and has trickled down to many markets as companies search for ways on how to optimise the new connectivity options. 5G promises data speed that is 10 to 100 times faster than 4G and LTE. This will not only help improve the performance of use cases today but will also create new and emerging applications in the near future.

Let’s check out the 20 innovative 5G use cases for the coming years.

1. Smart Cities

The technology has already helped the Romanians with waste management, parking sensors, and other traffic-control applications. 5G is also expected to promote smart factories.

2. Autonomous Driving

Google believes that 5G is the vital element of the self-driven vehicle project. It will pave the way for uninterrupted communication and high bandwidth.

3. Better Viewing Experience

The 5G technology will facilitate a stable and speedy internet connection, allowing people to take part in sporting events.

4. Broadcasting

Another use case of this technology is the live broadcast of the shows and events. The sport event organizers can cover a large area without having to use cables.

5. Drones

Verizon aims to enable multiple drones across different areas and incorporate 5G technology so that the video footage of the area is recorded in real-time and with efficiency.

6. Public Transport

The new tech is tested in the railway industry. If everything goes as planned, 5G might enable Wi-Fi connectivity options at railways.

7. Manufacturing

5G networks will eliminate the latency problems. It will sync all the tools and machinery seamlessly, allowing the manufacturers to have better control over the manufacturing operations.

8. Smart Factories

Companies are testing how 5G can improve the environment at factories. It is expected to improve the manual and digital operations while enhancing overall efficiency.

9. Agriculture

This technology will help minimize the latency in agricultural procedures by promoting remote-controlled tractors.

10. Healthcare

5G is combined with the IoT and AI for smoother healthcare management operations. It also promotes live medical sessions in 4k quality.

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11. Construction

5G networks promote automation at the construction sites. It can be combined with other technologies, such as AR to offer a better user experience.

12. Preserve Energy

5G drones offer real-time monitoring services that help with disaster relief.

13. Studio Lighting

TV2 Denmark and Telia have collaborated for the 5G connected lamp project, which may have a profound impact on the entertainment industry.

14. Oil and Gas

5G in the oil and gas industry can help with real-time data monitoring, automation, and centralization.

15. AR and VR

Although the primary use of 5G networks will be on smartphones, the technology will soon be available for AR headsets and VR-enabled devices.

16. Improved Communication

Research shows that 5G networks will allow seamless communication and high-quality picture to the users.

17. Quality Control

5G is already used in the production and packaging industries. The technology enables advanced computer vision, improving quality control.

18. Better Education

With 5G technology, it will be possible for the educational sectors to offer seamless Wi-Fi connectivity to the students across the campus.

19. Real Estate

The combination of AR and 5G enables investors to get a 360 degree of the properties in 4K HD quality.

20. Bots

These bots can conduct live Q&A sessions and offer personalized tours to the guests.

5G technology is expected to have a significant impact in the traditional and digital sectors. It will help in automated vehicles, smart cities, and the Internet of Things.

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